New To Canada

 J-Tech Capital will help you start your new life in Canada. we provide personalized service to make you easier to integrate into the community.


 Five step to get start


In Canada , different bank have different advantage and different policy. You should be clear of what is important to you when you just arrival and choose the right bank which can fulfill your first needs.


In Canada ,it is very important to make a decision where should your family to settle down. For example, even in great Vancouver there are many cities. each city has his own culture and characteristic. Maybe you want to buy a single house, maybe you want to rent an apartment . but before you make decision, you should deliberating and not delaying.


In Canada ,medical resources is expensive. you should apply for the MSP at the very first time. And besides you still should take considerate about buy some medical insurance to protect for your family.


In Canada, we have a very powerful education system. You can go to the college, you can take different kind of the diploma courses, and you can take train classes too. Most of the new arrivals take the English class first. And the ESL class is free for the new immigrants.

5.Start your business

When you thinking of start 5th step, J-Tech Capital is always there to help you.