BUBL – 360º Camera Technology for everyone

Bubl Technology Inc.was founded in 2011 by Sean Ramsay, immersive technology enthusiast and digital strategist. He set out with the goal of making Google StreetView technology available for market consumption. To achieve this, a paradigm shift was required in the way we look at traditional photo / video capture devices.

Today the first Bublcam’s are in production, a camera that is roughly the size of a small baseball, capable of capturing 100% of the spherical range through panoramic photos and videos. While this technology is in itself revolutionary, it wouldn’t have the same opportunity without Bubl’s proprietary software that enables real-time image stitching, giving the perception of a virtual world that you can explore inside your viewing device. For the first time, this offering is ready at a price point most believe to be impossible, and this is just the beginning.

Bubl Technology Inc. is a team of forward thinkers, inventors, builders and dreamers. We are passionate about doing something that wasn’t possible before. We are redefining the way people capture moments in time and unleashing life from every angle.