About Us

J-TECH CAPITAL Frontispiece

In today's world, regardless of the capital, trade, science and technology, idea and culture, are gradually transcends the boundaries of nations and races. World-wide capital is rapidly and closely linked together, forming a global economy and capital markets。

China's economy is under the rapid development, the strength of the private capital is increasingly strong, and at the same time, all over the world, especially in North America of active industrial innovation, their demand for China's capital market is growing. It is time for us to lead the international advantage resources and projects into Chinese private capital circle, and also guide the Chinese private capital to combine with the international industry for a more glorious future.

J-TECH CAPITAL hopes to create a broader international arena and a global investment alliance by getting the capital, projects, resources and contacts among China and North America even all over the world together. With the solid foundation of big global pattern, big strategy and big stage, J-TECH CAPITAL will help the industry friends to create a win-win, shared and co-creation situation, to promote the development of China's equity investment and to create a business legend that “China capital leading the world equity investment".


J-TECH CAPITAL’s headquarters is located in No.15, Toronto Road, Toronto. As the sixth big financial centre in the world, Toronto is embrace with the talent and resources in the most active areas of global high-tech innovation enterprises. J-TECH CAPITAL’s mission is to lead the allocation of global capital and assets, and the integration and optimization for local investment model of China's private capital with the direction of specialization and internationalization. J-TECH CAPITAL’s main business includes the direct investment, fund management and investment banking business. According to the unique periodic law of industry development, J-TECH CAPITAL’s main investment direction involves in high-tech, new energy, health care, agriculture, culture & education, real estate and other industries field.

Our staffs in headquarters are from different countries and regions with rich professional knowledge and investment management experience. Their diverse cultural backgrounds make J-TECH CAPITAL more powerful when enter into market of different areas and can be the fastest to realize localization operation. Meanwhile, J-TECH CAPITAL establishes the deep cooperation relations with the domestic and foreign government functional departments, trade organizations, investment agencies, conference companies, banks, accountings and law firms. We would build up our own brand, professional and resource advantages.

J-TECH CAPITAL has been focusing on domestic and international capital markets for a long term. We are good at exploring and discovering the market investment opportunities, and promote the innovation of investment patterns actively. Currently, J-TECH CAPITAL has started cooperation with many industry funds. With professional channels of various countries and regions, we open the overseas markets and find the investment targets. Meanwhile, with a strong basis in China, we link to billions of folk capital deeply, which radiates throughout the national investment network and enhances the competitiveness of Chinese private capital market.

We provide ideal investment projects for customers. And our tenet is: Honesty, Cooperation and High Quality. We are keen to look for investment projects, create wealth for customers and build mutually beneficial relationships with them. Just because of this, we provide high-quality services to investors of the world. We are committed to becoming an outstanding organization of the industry.